Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just in time for the new year!

Just one last FO...
Pattern: Craftsman Afghan
For: Mom
Yarn: Suri Dream (Blackberry, Aegean, Sandstorm, Twilight, Spanish Moss, Natural) <3
Needles: size 11 Harmony Options
Mods/Notes: I very much am in loooove with this yarn! So soft and warm. Thinking about making one for myself (even though I still have the colors left from the actual kit). The only change I made was one less mittered square of Twilight because I ran so low. This is it pre blocking and weaving in ends. Just wanted to get this in before the ball drops tonight!

I laid it out on the floor only to find a bit of a surprise. Do you see what I see???

Yup that would be a dropped stitch. Found only after I finished binding off of course. For now, I just looped it back up with a crochet hook and tied a piece of scrap yarn to the yarn between two stitches to hold it in place. I honestly don't know if there's something better to do or not so this will have to do until I can do some research on it.
Of course, this was Mom's Christmas gift and I'm just finishing it now :o( She flew back to North Carolina this afternoon so I'll be shipping this to her as soon as possible.

Happy New Year all!!


  1. Very nice--it reminds me of a stained glass window, and I love the color combinations! As for the dropped stitch, I would just weave in some yarn on one side of the hole, sew it into the dropped stitch as though it were knitted, and then weave the end in on the other side. Better than nothing, right? ;-)

  2. ANYTHING is better than nothing right about now! Thanks for the advice :o)



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