Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up: The Ones That Didn't Make It

Only 361 days until Halloween!

This is the last Halloween post, I swear.  And it's reserved for the tutorials that I just didn't get to...this year.

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First, the Hula Hoop Spider Web.  Ugh!  So sad this one didn't work out.  It would've been a good use for the hula hoop I never use.  For mine, I wanted to cover my pink and blue hula hoop with black electrical tape since it's removeable and then use some old black acrylic yarn for the web.  Unfortunately, every store I went to had assorted electrical tape colors, except black.  Seriously!  I couldn't find it anywhere.  Time ran out and I just never made the web.  Next year!

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This one was one of my favorites!  This was the pillowcase tutorial I mentioned a couple days ago that I also wanted to make but didn't have a stock of pillowcases for.  It would have been great for the chairs at the shop.  If I find pillowcases at garage sales (meaning, if I actually go to any garage sales this summer), I'll make them for next year.



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