Monday, September 26, 2011

Citron Again

There was a time when I guess I just couldn't stop making Citrons (Rav link).  Not that I dislike them now...I just haven't had the need to make another one since the spring.

I made this one over last winter.  Rachel of Studio Avenue Six (Rav link) had gifted me some yarn she had test-dyed on a base yarn she decided not to use.  I don't remember the actual fiber content, but it's a fingering/sock weight yarn.  She gave me 4 skeins of purple shades.  When I first received them I was not a sock knitter so I had the idea to make a Citron blanket, working the yarns from darkest to lightest.

I actually finished this project months ago but because it was so large, I had to wait until summer's outdoor space to block it.

I'm very glad Rachel has changed her base yarn.  What she uses now is super soft amazingness.  I knit Kyle's birthday socks with some of her Bellweather Sock and it was a dream to work with.  I also have a skein to make myself socks and some laceweight too for a Moor Shawl.  This particular base feels so similar to Trekking in my opinion.  Bellweather Sock on the other hand has the softeness of Bugga, even though there's no cashmere in it.  No matter how it feels though, the colors are wonderful in all of the Studio Avenue Six yarns!

Olga was very sweet in modeling the blanket/shawl for me at Knit Night a few weeks ago.  Although it was hard to get it back from her once she had it around her shoulders.

I am happy to say she did eventually relinquish it.  It has been on my lap almost every morning since in our chilly not-yet-autumn mornings here in NY.

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