Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project 365- 2011.01.03

Kiera at Barnes and Noble's Starbucks
This is my friend Jackie's 3 month old daughter, formerly called Autumn here.  Daddy didn't like that name so they settled on Kiera.  Kiera is just getting over her phase of sleeping through all my visits (finally!) and she is constantly making funny faces and noises at us.

Kiera came into the world like a tornado and I feel like that is an omen for the rest of her life.  Jackie started having contractions one Saturday night.  The hospital turned her away, saying to come back when they're 2 minutes apart.  I know, the mom's out there are yelling at me right now but I'm not lying!  Sunday night/Monday morning, Jackie's contractions were about 5 minutes apart so they prepared to head to the hospital.  But first she wanted to go to the bathroom....she didn't think she'd hold it all the way to the hospital. 15 minutes later, Kiera popped herself out while Mommy stood over the toilet- she was in too much pain to move.  Grandma delivered her in the bathroom while Grandpa called 911.  The paramedics made it just after the birth to cut the cord and luckily there were no complications.  Though I say luckily for Jackie labor only took 15 minutes!  For a first time mom!  My god, I hope for that someday!

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