Monday, January 24, 2011

Back from Vogue!

Not that I really went too far, but I'm still coming off my high from the yarn fumes.

I took the train into the city with Julia and her mini-knitter Emma.  We got to the Hilton around 12:30 and wandered around while looking for the coat check ($4!! ugh).  We didn't have class tickets- just wandered the marketplace for the afternoon.  Here's some of what we saw:



Animal skins knit by Ruth Marshall, inspired by those in the Museum of Natural History.

 I love the mice climbing around.  They're proportionate to our NYC rats :o).  I also love the fire hydrant spewing water.  This water streamed through the whole display, went over the edge of the table and ended in a little swimming pool on the floor!

Ysolda Teague!  She's adorable :o)

Universal Yarns Fashion Show

 See that red head in the middle?  Vicki Howell just hanging out enjoying the fashion show.

 Brian gave Julia the most amazing vicuna yarn for Christmas.  This is the scarf/shawlette she made with it.

Emma putting on her own fashion show

Yarny Mannequins

Ysolda, Vicki and Debbie!!

Debbie Stoller, wearing the same dress I've seen her wear each time I've seen her present in the past  4 months

Marketplace floor

Knitting at Vogue
 Of course I had to bring a project to work on.  Ok, I brought two, but only worked on my Carefree at the event.  My Wrist Flairs were for working on the train when I could devote a little more attention, until I got motion sickness.

Passed out mini-knitter
Too many yarn fumes for Emma.  Or, as Julia put it, she's in a yarn coma :o)

Sheepy Slippers!

At one point the elevators weren't functioning and the hotel employees brought us to the freight elevator to go down a floor (we had Emma in a stroller).  Michael delVecchio (author of Knitting With Balls: A Hands-On Guide to Knitting for the Modern Man) come on into the elevator with us!  Except he didn't seem to be in the most social mood.  It was right after many of his garments were featured in a fashion show and he had suitcases full on his way back down to a marketplace booth.  We didn't say anything to him- he seemed a little high strung.

Overall, the event was just AMAZING.  From my limited perspective (not taking any classes or attending the lectures), Vogue did a great job.  Most of the issues I had with the event had to do with the location itself.  As was said by some people on Ravelry, the lighting in there was terrible.  You can probably tell from some of the pictures.  It just wasn't bright enough and the lighting had a funky hue.  

My other issue- why oh why are they moving the event to LA next year?  Seriously?!?  Not that I'm anti-LA (ok, maybe a little), but Vogue is a NY company.  Their offices are all here.  Half the editorial staff lives in Brooklyn.  And yes, NY (and the tri-state area) has very few fiber events.  We of course have NY Sheep and Wool, but that's about it.  One could make the trek to Maryland- it wouldn't be too bad of a drive.  But honestly, that's about it for us.  I feel like the west coast gets all the fibery love and now Vogue is adding to it. Maybe next time Sock Summit will come to us here :o(

Hopefully, Vogue will smarten up and bring the event back to its home.  I heard great things about the classes and teachers so far, but have to hear from some more friends :o)

I had bought a ticket for both Saturday and Sunday.  Since I didn't stop by for any signings at the Knitty City booth on Saturday, I thought I'd get up early to head back in time for Cookie A's signing at 10 AM on Sunday.  Plus, it was an excuse to buy Knit. Sock. Love.  Surprisingly, I was the first one to get home Saturday night with Dad following not too long after.  I asked him to switch the car arrangement in the driveway so he wouldn't have to do it super early the next morning.  (I didn't want to leave my car in the road with all the snow- our streets are feeling pretty tight these days!)  Dad pulled his truck out, but my car did not want to start!  The dashboard lights were on one second and the next, nothing.  I took it as a sign that I should not be going a second day and spending more money.  Good thing since I don't even know where I'm going to put all the stuff I bought!  Come back tomorrow for that post :o)

PS- My car is fine!  The cable came off the battery.  It's too rusted to tighten any more so I have to keep an eye on it for the rest of winter until we can replace it in the spring.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I really wanted to check out the marketplace but I was stricken with something the kids brought home and couldn't get out of bed. I've lived vicariously through your post. Hopefully I'll go next year.

  2. Looks like fun! A couple of my friends flew out for it and they had a great time too. Love the MochiMochi pics especially.

  3. Thanks for the images! They are the best ones I've seen and I only found you very randomly as opposed to looking for the VK blog google search...!! Did u have to be sneeky to take the pics or were people just not into photos... you have more of different things, although I wasn't there, I was surviving those Australian floods

  4. Lucy- I know they're knitting celebrities, but I didn't want to make them feel awkward by walking up while they were in the middle of other things to ask for a picture. I'm sure it happened to them, but they were there to enjoy themselves just like everyone else. Though vicky Howell just seems like the bubbliest person who would sit and talk with anyone! Here's what was happening during each of those photos-

    Ysolda was just finishing up her Knitty City book signings and was speaking to a fan/customer. I didn't want to interrupt.

    Vicky was in the middle of the fashion show so I didn't want to leave my spot. She was also working the knitting help station so I didn't want to interrupt her helping someone.

    The picture of Ysolda, Debbie and Vicky was actually them gathering for a photo (being taken by Vogue pattern editor Lori Steinberg- she's super sweet I met her at WWKIP Day last year). Again, I didn't want to jump in and snap my own picture haha.

    I feel like any of them would have happily taken photos (though from previous experiences Debbie Stoller is a little more hesitant and reserved in her personality...hence this is why it's my 3rd time meeting/seeing her and the first photos I've gotten).

    And I'm glad you've survived those floods!



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